Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hard to Take

I am finding it hard to deal with the rapid pace of changes that this hideous administration is pushing through.  I am  still amazed at how selfish people can be and it really does feel like an evil force has grabbed our nation- but the incredible marches on Saturday- and thank you all for your marching-  that was huge and it was around the world.  I( am doing what I can- writing emails, signing petitions, donating to groups on the national level.  And I make art.  I have to-it's how I speak best.

The spread is titled what else but : RESIST!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Art for Activism and Expression

I recently had a very difficult experience.  I posted the journal spread in my last post in a private Facebook art journal group.  Well a firestorm erupted- seems there were a few and just a few that felt politics should not be a part of the work shared there- I was accused of using the group to advance my political agenda.  The comments went on for hours (there are over 6,000 people in this group) Not once did I say this is what you should do or this is what you should think but only expressed my own feelings being in one of the targeted groups from the new administration.  Well I was very much supported by the group as a whole I am happy to say.  My friend Laura Tringali Holmes, a terrific artist living in New York started a Facebook group: Target Resistance: First 100 Days. This is a public group and the art made there is using a target somewhere in your art You can read the specifics on the group page.   This is the piece I submitted for that group. Title:  They Didn't Ask to be Targets.  This is a digital collage.    .  

Friday, January 20, 2017

A Sad and Scary Day

I have been trying hard to not let this horrible thing that will happen today January 20th consume me. It's hard knowing that the people soon to be in control care very little about the majority of the citizens. It really is about power and money on a foundation of greed. Many of us are targets- women, people that are not white male and and the target group I am in- The LGBT community. One of the  most troubling things were reading that Trumps pick for supreme court justice thinks gays should be jailed. Then reading that he intends to get rid of the National endowment for the arts. Most all of you reading this know the importance of art- for self expression for healing art is another language. I taught art for 36 years from elementary through university age. I have seen first hand how art has literally saved lives. As I felt my heart start to race I stopped what I was doing and went to my journal. Please join me in putting loving intentions out into the universe. This will help us to move through this scary time. Sending love to you all.