Saturday, July 28, 2018

Where to begin?

I have not posted in a very long time.  The big news is my husband and I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico! We sold our home in northern Minnesota and headed to the SouthWest. We are just getting settled in- this was a major move for us as we have never lived outside the Midwest before- So far all the people we have met have been so friendly and welcoming. We can bike from our house to this great paved bike trail along the Rio Grande River!  We are finally done with dealing with things like new doctor new dentist new bank new insurance and are ready to start exploring.  I am happy to say that my studio is set up and I have done a few journal spreads.  I will share those.

I did this spread on July 15th.   Well I sat down in my new workplace and did a spread- I will say it was emotional as it seems like forever since I last worked. I had been thinking about wanting to do a gratitude spread relating to this big move across the country.  We are pretty settled in- always more projects to do but it feels like home inside- It really felt that way once we got the art hung- I missed the energy I feel when the art is up- much of the art we have is made by friends so when they art is up on the walls and setting on shelves- I feel the energy from them. 
Got in some studio time-got our errands done this morning- right now it's 101 out and going to be like this for sure through Monday. This spread has a lot going on for me- the kingbird card is special- I got it on a trip a few years ago with a dear friend. When we arrived to our new home there was a king bird pair that were in our backyard everyday- then a couple of days ago all their young were flying all over-they would sit on the patio ceiling fan and ride it like a merry-go-round. So they are beginning their new life as we are beginning our life here. I love the face with all the words- have been giving thought to what things make me who I am- the naked man(I believe it's a DaVinci) is how I feel sometimes- this new start- When I didn't make art for those couple of months I was so out of balance- feels nice to be back- the nest with eggs- the unborn ideas that will hatch here in this new studio. And then my dear friends- my art brothers. We will be together this fall for some artmaking. 

Feeling a bit more settled each day- discovered a great walk from our house- that was exciting- it is a park where the area had once burnt and a man carved sculptures from the trees. I was able to journal this afternoon- A Wolf at the Door is the spread. Thinking about how I tend to worry about things that I shouldn't- the critic and all that- mostly I am able to not answer that door- and doors... I have closed some by moving and now others are opening up.