Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Class Work

I am enjoying my online classes- this will keep me on my toes- lots of assignments and they are good ones.  Taking classes not only has me doing things I wouldn't do on my own.  The Grit and Grace class with Katie Kendrick started Monday.  http://joyouslybecoming.typepad.com/This one is really amazing and I love the approach.  The first photo is the first assignment mark making with charcoal and graphite and gesso.  This is 17" x 23".  That's big for me.
 The next is a journal spread for the same class- I am going to journal in a book- many do this but I never have- paint and collage right over the pages. So here's the book and the spread.

 The last photograph here is the first spread in the journal I made for the Pathways and Wanderings class.  The assignment was about winter- and with the wind chill at 35 below this morning- we know all about winter here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year New Classes

Well the holidays have come and gone- that time of year isn't the best for me.  But starting  a new year is always something exciting to me.  Well over achiever Terry is taking 3 online classes- one will last the whole year and the other two are for the month of January.  One class is Pathways and Wanderings.  This is a new online class being taught by Roxanne Evans Stout.  http://rivergardenstudio.typepad.com/   It's an artist book class and more- we started by binding our books- it's a book model that I had not done before.  It's very easy and is  not an exact kind of binding- the pages are not all the same size and there are several different kinds of papers in my book.  I finished the cover for it today- the rest of the class will be working in these pages.