Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And now time for some shameless selfpromotion

This August I will be teaching on Whidbey Island- near Seattle with my  friends John Arbuckle http://artjuvenation.blogspot.com/ and Brian Kasstle https://apaperbear.wordpress.com/
Here is the information followed by examples of our work-

This is one of Brian Kassle's spreads

This is one of John Arbuckle's spreads

This is one of my spreads

Measuring up

Wow- more time slipped by.  Well finally getting to a post. The first is an 8 inch square I did for a Round Robin group I am in.  it is titled:  What is the Measure of a Man?  The next is a journal spread using some of the same imagery only smaller.  Still Measuring: That is the title for this spread. I sometimes think I have made great progress in not being concerned about what people say about me or my work but then something will happen and I start to worry how I measure up. These days I can usually move past that pretty fast thankfully. We are all works in progress.