Thursday, January 23, 2020

A different book for me

Greetings- my first post for 2020.  I retaking an online class with Fonda Haight Clark titled The Down Deep. I am getting a lot out of it again- she is generous with her content and includes several bonus videos.  One was a junk journal of sorts- using painted papers that you didn't like and tearing them up and making a book- that is what I did here.
Most of my book structures that I make are pretty straight forward- even pages with covers.  This was way out of the box for me and I loved it.  Once I tore away making the pages- I made them into this one signature book or journal. Then I just started in- I had a big pile of collage fodder next to me on my table and I just picked things that called to me. There are few words in it- on one spread are the words from a song by Jim White titled Jailbird. and the other is a fortune from a fortune cookie I got a while back.
The photos start with the cover and then go to all the spreads to the back cover. I may at some point put something on the cover.

Now if the cleaning fairy would get over here
and clean up my studio table...


  1. Wow Terry, this is great! I love torn edges and brush strokes and how you magical way you combine everything with heartfelt emotions. Love, love, love and hugs to you and Ron!

    1. Thank you Jacki and hugs from Ron and me. Right now Ron has a bad cold :-(

  2. Unbelievably captivating and so full of emotion. Love this so much.

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