Sunday, December 29, 2019

A collage afternoon.

I had a very pleasant afternoon with 3 other collage artists.  This is a small collage group I am part of- The group's name is: People Who Cut Shit Up.  Suzanne Sbarge hosted this at her home. I have loved her work for years and was so excited to get to know her and collage with her.  I had been working on a self challenge of making 5" x 7" collages using 5 elements or less.  I had composed some of these before this get together. I changed up some of the compositions and then glued them down. I have yet to title these. This set are all collaged on monoprints


  1. When I saw these starting to pop up on Instagram I thought, "Someone has been on a busy binge!" I love these, Terry, each is like a dream.

  2. Very strong series, Terry.
    I love the contrast of the free mono print backgrounds and the exact images.
    You are so talented. I can tell you had a great time.

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