Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What a Month!

I can't believe how fast the month has gone.  I have been doing a lot of collaborations and have more yet to do. I will share the latest ones here.  I also made the yearly trip to visit friends and family in Iowa.  I also have been busy cutting mats and framing collages and monoprints for I show I am having in November.  I will include  the info for that at the end of this post.
The first set is a completed set started by Carol White.  Nikki Soppelsa and I finished it.

                                             I did the bottom third, Nikki did the middle and
                                             Carol did the top third.

                                            Here I did the top third, Carol did the middle
                                            and Nikki did the lower third.

                                           Nikki did the top third, I did the middle and Carol
                                            did the bottom third.

      The next set is in progress.  Nikki started this set. I will be mailing these to Cork Ireland               
       for Carol  White to finish.

                                                  Nikki did the top and I did the bottom

                                                    I did the top and Nikki did the middle

                                                I did the middle and Nikki did the bottom

                                           And here's the info about my up coming show


  1. You HAVE been busy!
    I'd love to see your new show!
    Wish I were closer ...

  2. Your collaborations are smashing. I image it might be a bit of a challenge to be the person who ends up creating the middle portion of the collage in this collaboration. Your show will be stupendous I know. Break a paint brush as opposed to a leg! :-)

    1. Thanks John- The last 2 frames arrived today so I will put the last 2 in frames and that's that!

  3. Exciting happening Terry. Wish I could be at your show. Love those collaborative collages. Clever and cool!

  4. Your collaborative collages are fabulous - I'm especially in love with the second one. Congratulations on your exhibit; I hope you sell lots of work and have a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you Sharmon- I checked out your blog- wonderful work.