Thursday, November 6, 2014


My show Mad Men and Monoprints at the Wild Hare Bistro in Bemidji Minnesota opens tomorrow afternoon.  I am dedicating this show to my youngest brother Tom.  He is battling lung cancer and it has been and continues to be very difficult.  His perseverance is nothing short of amazing.  This show is for you dear brother.
The opening is tomorrow Friday November 7th from 3 until 5.  The show is up until December 3rd- so hope you can make it by to see what I have been up to this past year.  Here are a couple of pieces.

Mixed Media Collage

 Found Keys
Mixed Media Collage

 Flowing River
Monoprint with Collage

Stormy Sky


  1. These are all wonderful, but I love the sense of mystery in the second one. I wish I could be at the exhibit - good luck to you, and enjoy!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your brother! Hope it's a well-attended show. Thanks for your postcard! xo

  3. I predict a terrific show Terry, you deserve the best!
    Tom is in my prayers daily, and this is a wonderful tribute.

  4. Oh, I wish I could be at your opening. These are terrific, Terry. Just plain fantastic!

  5. Lovely! Best wishes to you and your brother.

  6. Congratulations Terry. Hope the show has gone well and certainly wish I could have been there. A beautiful tribute to your brother.

    1. Thanks Seth- I put photographs of the show on my timeline

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