Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Fellow

Sometimes it is important to just have fun.  This hand cut and paste collage was just that for me...FUN.  In fact this piece started a journal exchange sometime back with Julie Takacs, a wonderful collage artist in New York. http://collageclearinghouse.blogspot.com/  We both got busy and have since talked about starting that up again.  I think it is great fun to make up stories.  John Arbuckle is a wonderful mixed media artist and often has a story to go with his pieces. http://artjuvenation.blogspot.com/
I think one of the things that I was so tired of when teaching in a university art department was the use of "ArtSpeak".  I am not one for pretense and that is what it seemed like to me.  Also there was a lack of fun and joy with several of the professors- very serious and many students found that intimidating.  It's OK to have fun and in fact for me- it's the sheer joy of creating that keeps me coming back to my studio everyday.  So go to your studio and make stuff and have some fun with it!


  1. Love Theo! This is a very playful piece...:-)
    Thanks for the plug as well.

  2. This really is a fun piece, Terry! Love that most of it is fairly monochromatic except for the butterfly wings, creating a real focal point in the composition. It does make you wonder: was Theo born that way, or did he wake up one morning to find that he had butterfly wings coming out of his ears? Fortunately, differences in people are what make this world such an interesting place. How boring it would be if we were all the same! I'm taking your admonition to go to my "studio and make stuff and have some fun with it!" to heart!

  3. Terry This is such a fun piece! Yes, sometimes we just have to do things just for fun!