Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have to say living in northern Minnesota is challenging this time of year.  Despite what the calendar says- we have a good 5 inches or more of snow on the roof yet and the depth in the yard space is perhaps 8 to 10 inches- much more in some spots.  So this hand cut and pasted collage titled Green is about that yearning that sets in now.  In a few weeks I will forget all about it as spring in the Northland is incredible.  Meanwhile I am trying to ignore the forecast of maybe 3 inches of snow this weekend.  I may have to make more green art!


  1. Here is wishing you a speedier spring! I recall growing up in Montana wishing for warm weather!

    This spread feels like spring to me!

  2. This is one amazing piece. I am totally captivated by it. Just know that spring is in your heart. Great color, great background, great subjects, just great all around.