Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Part Of...

This collage is titled, They Were Not Part of the Machine. The part of this collage are a bit different.  The background I made using some of that punchella and used colored pencil sticks- then scanned and altered it and then put it in the printer and printed the machine on top of it.  Then I pasted on the altered old photograph of the two guys and the other two gauge pieces.  This is perhaps about my partner and I being retired.  What do you think?


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  2. I love it. And yes, you're right, you two aren't part of the machine any longer. Neither am I and I've never been happier than since I retired a couple years ago. Let's hear it for old fart art!

    1. I love it Connie- old fart art indeed!!!!

  3. What I think is that this is marvelous! So amazingly wonderful I an awed. What a terrifice composition! You out-did yourself this time.

  4. I agree with John. I love this one! Oh how I envy you and your retirement!