Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sometimes Life is Hard

It has been a long time since I posted last.  Much has happened- it has been hard for me to get in the studio some times.  Last month my brother was diagnosed with lung cancer- he had one lobe removed- I flew out to be with him for the surgery and for a few days afterwards.  Nothing like a wake-up call to be living the life you want now cause all we have is this moment right now.
I am very behind on several art collaborations but I am making progress.  Here is a set I completed with Scott Hall and Carol White.  The first panel Scott did the top and Carol did the middle and I finished it with the bottom.  The next one Carol did the top- I did the middle and Scott did the bottom.  The last one in this series had me on top and Scott in the middle and Carol did the bottom.


  1. Life does get complicated. Live life to the fullest. I do recognize a feature on the bottom one! ;-). Glad to have made a small contribution. Hugs and love to you!

  2. These are so cool, Terry! Glad you're working again. Hope things are on the upswing with Ron's health, too. Much love.

    1. Thanks Connie- slowly getting my head screwed back on- and so far so good with Ron.

  3. Wishing you and your brother the best. Thinking of you both!