Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cyanotype Collages

One assignment for the collage class was to use solar or sun paper- you lay things on the paper go into the sun for a few minute then put it in a tray of water- The paper I had was at least 15 years old but it worked somewhat- Then I remembered I had some real cyanotypes.  These are made by coating nice paper with a chemical solution- then expose it to strong light. I made several years ago and put them away in a box- so it was great to use them finally.


  1. These are so cool! I especially love the 3rd piece. Do you remember when they had little squares of this paper as prizes in cereal boxes, like back in the 50s? Your collages are just terrific! xo

  2. Thanks Connie- I will do a longer email soon- we were in Poughkeepsie NY last week to visit Ron's brother and family. Well thanks for the kind words- we will chat soon.

  3. These are wonderful Terry!
    There's something so magical about those blues.
    I love them all, but especially the second with addition of color collage.
    Very cool

  4. Love your use of the cyanotypes.

    1. Thanks Seth- I love discovering things I did long ago and using them in a new way.