Saturday, November 2, 2019

Can you Believe it? Another post so soon!

This is the second accordion book I made for the class I am taking.  Like usual I don't do so well with following the "directions" for the lesson. The artist doing this part of the class is Anne Marie Grgich. Her work is amazing- dense and rich with imagery- lots of layering. Anne is featured in the newest issue of Raw Vision magazine.  I don't always like to do lots of layering. This book has a bit more than some I have done. I find the accordion book structure to be so wonderful to work with- I do love folded book structures and hope to explore other folded books soon. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.

For this book I painted the background and added some rubber stamping.
The small collages I mounted on the accordion are made from scraps and I used collage elments from a calendar I make using the past months- often I used shape punches to use that part of the collage I wanted. I like to work in a series and I did 12 of these small collages - they are 3 inches by 4 inches.

This is a detail of the left side of the book.

This is a detail of the right side of the book.

This is the backside of the book. I did try more layering here.
The small red grid scraps weaving through the back are from an EKG printout
of mine. Thought it was a good use for it- My heart helps support the composition.

Detail of the left side of the book.

Detail of the right side of the book.


  1. I think I’m taking the same online class and am with you on the layering. I’ve done less than Anne for sure. Nice book...

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  3. I love reading what you write about your pieces. Good use of the EKG is right!

  4. I love seeing your work and can almost see you doing it. You are amazing. Love to Ron.

  5. I love how much fun you have when you are working and the results are just amazing! :-)