Friday, October 12, 2012


This is a collage I did for this quote I love from Oscar Wilde.  The images are ones I have found and altered.  I think this quote is so true.  It works in other ways as well-  There's a movie we recently watched again Dummy- the central character played by Adrian Brody uses a dummy to speak to others through.  I have also experienced this truth thing when I have made puppets with elementary age kids- it was amazing to see these "tough" boys totally act differently while operating their puppets.  I also think we all have different masks we put on- one for for dealing with conflict... maybe one for the work place.   I guess it's a coping thing.  I love my friends- with them I can just be myself-no mask needed.


  1. As I grow older I try more to let these masks go. Partially because I don't need them as much and partially because as I get older I care less about the opionions of others. I think for me it is about self aceptance.

  2. Right you are my friend. The last few years teaching at the university I just let it rip at art faculty meetings- When they were mean to me I called them on it and I challenged curriculum decisions my chair made- Really one of the few masks I have left is one I have for dealing with certain family members...

  3. I use to need the masks but no longer. Age helps with that. Super piece!