Sunday, October 28, 2012

Questions of Faith

This collage is titled:  Questions of Faith.  Even though I did this quite a while back it is a good image for what I have been thinking about of late.  The faith card is being played out in this election in some very hurtful ways.  Here in Minnesota there will be an amendment to the state constitution to vote on- if it passes it will forever ban same sex marriage.  We can't get married now here but "they" want to make sure we never can- The Faith comes into play here- there are many churches that are working hard to pass it and I am happy to say there are many churches that are working with us to defeat the amendment.  Then I can go on and say questions of faith in our humanity- can the hate stop?  I strive to be  "the glass is half full" kind of person but the tone in the country and the world for that matter makes that a real challenge.  I still think goodness and love will win out once again- just want to have faith it will be sooner than later.
All the photographic imagery in the collage is my own that I altered and the rest is ephemera from my collection.


  1. Ditto your message, Terry. In Washington state we have Referendum 74 on the ballot. This referendum is to approve or reject what the legislature already approved last February, equal marriage rights for all people. The United States Constitution provides for a separation between church and state. It is time for the Constitution to be upheld. Equal rights should be a given not something we vote on. It is scary that bigotry can possibly be approved at the ballot box!

  2. I will never understand the fear or the hate.

    Your collage is powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you John and Kelly-
    John- I hope thing go well in your state election.
    Kelly- thanks for the comment and like you- I just don't understand.

  4. I love this piece, Terry! Strong imagery for challenging times, indeed! As John says, above, we in Washington State are voting on Referendum 74, which provides equal rights in marriage for all Washington residents. Though there are many who oppose this for religious, and other, reasons, I am cautiously optimistic that it is going to pass. At least, in the Puget sound area, where I live, there is a definite sense that it is about time, and that being able to marry the person you love, no matter who they are, is a basic human right. Thanks, for sharing this piece!

  5. It is very frightening that these reforendums are cropping up across the US. We will eventually have our rights but it is going to take time.
    As Judge Judy says "the old guard will die out."

  6. Thanks for your comments Robert and Brian