Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My First Half Collaboration

Can you believe it 2 posts in a row?!  This set was so fun and it was my first time doing halves- Allan Bealy is a terrific artist and I always enjoy working with him.

I did the left side and Allen did the right side.

I collaged the left side and Allan the right side.

Hum- I seem to like the left side as I did that side and Allan the right.

Well I am left-handed- I did the left and Allan the right here.

Some variety!  I did the top half on this one and Allan the bottom

I did the top here and Allan the bottom

I did the top again and Allan the bottom.

I added the card box and Allan did the rest.

Allan did the top on this one and I did the bottom.


  1. This looks so fun and the results are fantastically amazing.

  2. These are wonderful!!! Do you mail them back and forth...and then who gets to keep them?

    1. Thank you Peggy- I did my starts and mailed them to Allan and he mailed his to me- we finished them and then we decided via messaging on Facebook who gets which ones.

  3. These are really fab, Terry! xo

  4. Love this series! It's a clever way to bump yourself into different composition.

  5. It really has been fun Shirley- it's keeping me sane- I don't know if oyu saw a post I did on the journal site- My brother has lung cancer and will be having surgery later this month and I will fly out to be there for it.