Thursday, September 20, 2018

Really? The Third Week of September?

Time continues to zoom. Feeling good about the move down here to New Mexico. Finally getting use to the idea we don't have to gallery and museum binge- we live here now.  I have had some great discoveries- I was invited to a collage group- it was terrific sitting and making collages with wonderful artists I felt welcomed and inspired!! I also attended a meeting with a book arts group here- wonderful people so this is feeling really nice. There are more groups I hope to attend and we have barely scratched the surface of galleries to see.
I have a great week in store starting at the end of the month. My art buddies are flying in for a week of art making.
So here are some collages I have made in the last few weeks.

Split Man

Does It Fit?

House Finch Message

He Pushed Start

Meat Cuts

Final Journey

He Thought About It


  1. Wonderful work Terry, you are inspired and New Mexico surely agrees with you. I was just thinking this morning hoe happy I am for you both in your new paradise. ps: I love them all!

    1. Thank you dear Jacki. I do like it here- so different in so many ways.

  2. It is so wonderful to see your work. There is a feeling of relief in them. Perhaps it is the move to a sunny climate. Perhaps it is that you are on a new adventure. Love these pieces, Terry! :-)

  3. waue...i love the final journey with the bird very much - i collect all bird books i can find so i love you bird art

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