Wednesday, June 3, 2020

June 3rd- new project

Greetings- here in Albuquerque we have had 2 evenings recently of really good rainfall- always welcome here. Good thing as we are to be in upper 90s for a few days.
I am doing the best I can like we all are during this intense time- the pandemic AND the unrest all over the country. I hope you are safe and healthy and hope you can remain that way.
I am doing the ICAD challenge again this year- This goes from June 1st to July 31st- you make something on an index card a day. I will share some of those later
I have started a new journal-I did the first page and am sharing that- it is of my wearing a mask-I altered that selfie with an app called Inkwork.
Yesterday I took a 2 hour online live class with Seth Apter. He is a terrific mixed media artist, teacher and he has a shop online where he sells products he has created.
The class was Minibook Madness- it was a lot of fun.  The book I made is 2 1/2" square.  This is really abstract in nature compared to my usual narrative collage work.  I loved doing this. Thank you Seth.
This is the first page of my new journal.

Front cover of my minibook.

The first spread in the book

Second spread in the book.

Third spread in the book.

Fourth spread in the book.

Fifth spread in the book.

Sixth spread in the book.

Back cover of the book.


  1. I love your cover, you are so talented at delivering emotion.
    I love your little book. I can tell you had fun.
    That is one of my main criteria for art.

  2. TaDa! A comment from me, right here on your blog. Even though I see your wonderful work elsewhere and have, during non-plague times, the pleasure of seeing you l-i-v-e, I do enjoy seeing/reading you here. In fact, you're inspiring me to (maybe) revive my blog! Also love Seth Apter; terrific teacher.