Friday, October 23, 2020

Three Self Portriats

 Hard to believe one week left of October. I deliver my work for my show a week from today so that is exciting. We  are finally going to get some cooler weather here in New Mexico.

For one of my online classes a self portrait was an assignment. It took me years before I would include a picture or image of myself in an artwork- leftover baggage from thinking people would think that is egotistical to include myself in a work.  Over the last few years I have become more comfortable with putting myself in artwork and journal spreads. These three I am showing here were done differently for me- I altered photos of myself to high contrast black and white. I then cut some monotypes to the standard size for my printer and I printed the black and while images right on the monotypes. Some that have a lot of paint cause the ink to slide a bit and then it seemed to not dry for a long time- I liked the way it is  left to chance how the photo will look on the monotype.  I then collaged them.

Key To Contentment



No Longer Chained To The Past



  1. These are all fatastic, Terry. Yes, when you give up some of the control in prointing you often have great rewards, as you know. I am especially attracted to your crop of your eyes, they tell so much. Knowing you I can see the pain and strength to survive, and boy have you ever. Wish I could come to your show. I am hoping you will show some images fro your show on your blog later when time allows? Take good care, love to Ron too.

    1. Thank you dear Jacki. When they have it ready I will send you a link as the show should be available online.

  2. Wonderful work, Terry! Hurray for broken chains and finding contentment. XO

  3. All are very strong. I love the strength that your give your work. You always have a message, too. Amazing pieces! :-)

  4. Love this set of reflections....each one is an adventure

  5. Terry, These pieces are so moving and personal. I so appreciate your meticulous work as well as your courageous willingness to share your deeply personal process. Congratulations on completing the work for the show. Is there some way for me to see the show virtually?