Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The art show is in lock-down

 November greetings,

Well my art show opened November 6th at Remarque Print Workshop. The artist talk was on the 11th and will be on their YouTube channel soon. I felt good about the show and have received some nice feedback.  Monday our governor started a two week lock-down- all nonessential businesses are to be closed so my show ended up being open for a week. Can't be helped- our covid cases are so high right now.

I was able to get some journal time in.  I actually played- I used hand stencils and masks and put them under my paper and did rubbings with Prisma Color sticks. Then I scanned those and played with them in the computer- I printed out a couple that I liked and they are the back grounds for these two spreads.

Title: Asking For Your Helping Hands




This last spread is titled Viral Nightmare- and it is-


My friend Micaela Seidel here in Albuquerque is working on a challenge she gave herself -making 100 hands.  She decided to create a Facebook group called handmade hands. I jumped in- here are my first two hand collages. This was challenging but very fun.

Internal Screaming


Thoughts of Flight


  1. Wonderful work, as always, dear teryy! You use of color and texture is stellar. I am intrigued by your hands and hope to see more?

  2. Wow, Terry! These three spreads and the two hand collages are truly wonderful! So love all the hands in the in the backgrounds of the first two spreads. The colorful figures and other imagery in both of these really “pop” on the more monochromatic backgrounds. “Viral Nightmare” is very close to how I have felt some days recently dealing with complications with my knee surgery during a pandemic. The two hands incorporate great colors and textures and working on these sounds like a really fun project. So glad you are getting a lot done! Really loved seeing these!

  3. So wonderfully powerful! You are amazing! :-)