Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Hand Stories

 Well we are having a quiet Thanksgiving-Hope you all stay safe and make good choices for this holiday- I know my gratitude list is long. I try to remember that when I get close to the edge of deep anxiety.

Here are several more hands.  My friend, Micaela Seidel here in Albuquerque challenged herself to make 100 hands.  She created a facebook group Handmade Hands and I was  hooked.  There is something about combining my collage work on to a hand substrate. I am at 20 so far and I am sure there will be more. I doubt I go for 100 but you never know.

Why Indeed

For You

Go Easy

On Troubled Waters

He Tried To Rise Up

Viral Fear

Two Dolls Watching

Out Of Reach

Looking Within

Looking Outside Myself

Sometimes The Pieces Just Don't Fit

Home Weighed Heavy On His Mind


Finding My Way Home

Not Welcome There

No More Running Away

He Reverts

Letters From Home


  1. at you share with us.Wonderful work Terry, I love every one individually and in total.
    You are an amazing talent, and I feel lucky that you share your gift with us.

  2. These are absolutely incredible, Terry! Such astonishing creativity during the darkest of times!