Thursday, February 11, 2021

February Post

 Hard to believe it is almost mid-February!  While the pandemic has changed so much, I still am able to do art almost daily and it has helped me through this challenging time. I have been doing a lot of mail art and card making as well as journaling. I was just talking with a friend about how art is another language and one that can express ideas and feeling sometimes much better than words- sometimes the combination of word and image is powerful.

This journal spread is titled:   Learning To Swim In The Down Deep.  The down Deep class I mentioned in the other post ended last week but many, myself included, are keeping on with the assignments.  I always learn so much about myself in this Down Deep course.  The deep sharing that happens in that class group is really amazing.

I did several backgrounds on sheets of cheap paper for the class.  Some I have glued into my journal to use.  Then I collaged on top.

These articulated paper dolls were done for an exchange that a friend organized.  I made more to share with the Creative Gents group- this is a group of male mixed media artists. The body is a shrine- it's a rubber stamp- I cut the doors so they would open to reveal a quote.  The arms are the same but I made different pants for them. So they are: Terrance de ABQ, Patron Saint of Mail Art.


  1. I love these pieces, Terry, I always love your doors, chairs and houses. I especially like that quite, so true. Your dolls are terrific, and leave it to you to make them even better! Love to you and Ron.

  2. quote, I meant quote, I must learn to proof read before I excitedly push that send button!

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