Friday, October 29, 2021

What a month October has been!

 I can hardly believe that October ends Sunday. It has been very busy- I returned home Sunday the 24th from being gone a week with my art brothers John Arbuckle and Brian Kasstle.  I have known these wonderful men for 10 years or more. Thomas LaBadia was unable to come this time. One the way to our rental on the Oregon Coast we stopped at Seaside. Our dear friend Orly Aviner was in Seaside so we got to visit with her.  The week was spent creating together- the weather was windy cold and rainy but we did have one glorious day of sun for a forest hike. So here are some pictures from this special time. Next post I will share some art I made on the trip.


John, Brian, Orly and me

Haystack Rock

Oregon Coast

Magical forest

Photo magic from Brian

John prepping for eco-dyeing

More eco-dyeing prep


  1. I am so happy for you all to be together, I know it was a great time for all.

  2. So much fun was had on this art retreat. Let’s do another. :-)