Friday, December 3, 2021

December is here already!

 I missed a post in November- Busy times. The first news is that I have several pieces in a show that opens tonight  at Ricochet Gallery here in Albuquerque. It is The Big Queer Show featuring works by artists from the LGBT community here. The show will be up the month of December. Albuquerque Peeps I hope you can see the show- the diversity of work is wonderful.

I have been working on prepping for that show and I will share a picture of some of my work- here are 19 hand collages that are framed- I love how they hung these at Ricochet.


Here are a few things from The Gents art retreat.  We often make gifts for each other when we get together.  I had made several winged angels and decided Brian and John needed to have wings.


Brian with wings

John with wings

One of the things I made on the retreat was this book- a variation on Henrik Dresher's seeded notebook project.  I took a large sheet of paper and collaged on it and cut it up and folded the pieces to make a book. The collaged parts appeared randomly- then I finished each spread with more collage. I usually monoprint or paint the background but I liked this one with the stark white.  I saw this very old children's book John had brought-and Terry was the main character. He gave it to me to cut up. That will do it for this post.  Thanks for taking time to look and read.

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  1. Love the Seeded Notebook you made on your retreat in Oregon with the other Creative Gents! Wonderful, wonderful pages, and I agree that the stark white backgrounds really work well with the imagery on each page. For me, it is the great negative space elements that really make these compositions so striking. Congratulations on having your work shown in the show at the Ricochet Gallery! Love the bright colors in the “Hands” series. And. . .I have to say I love both Brian and John with wings! I know for a fact that John is most certainly a collage “angel”! Also, “Life is now in session” is PERFECT for him. I just put “January” in the calendar holder for 2022, this morning. Excited for another year of your art, Terry! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Ron! Hopefully 2022 will be an improvement over the last two years!