Monday, January 10, 2022

Hello 2022!

 Here we are in another year-I am working hard to be optimistic about things.  That is a challenge given the "might never end pandemic" and the political state of the country.  That said, my gratitude list is long.

I have been working in the studio a fair amount of late.  I have made some new collages and houses and journal spreads. I am also getting caught up on some collaborations and starting some new ones. Here are some photos of a journal I made and this will be traveling journal- I am doing this with 3 friends. We each made journals and we mail them to each other and when all is done each of us will have a journal with all of our work in it.  This journal closed is 5 1/2 inches square. The three spreads here are mine- each of the others get three spreads to make.

Here are some recent collages. The first 3 are made using some things from a collage kit I receive each month. Luis Martin is a terrific collage artist and has a group called Collage Dream.  When you subscribe you get a collage kit each month with a prompt to use if you choose to. Google Luis Martin The Art Engineer  and try CollageDream. Fun stuff.

Sudden Memory


Part Wolf


Bearing Witness


This collage I did a while back. The little boy in the car is me.


I don't Want To Go In There


  1. love the work you have posted here.....perhaps at some point we may find our way to some collaborative effort...

    1. Please let me know how I may see your work and how to contact you

  2. I did it! I went to Anonymous, and it told me I wouldn't be able to manage my comment, so I went back and this time it let me type? Who knows? But doesn't it drive you crazy when the technologhy doesn't work We are so spoiled? Anyway, I love your work and the picture of you in the car is so precious. You're pretty cute now, too!