Thursday, January 20, 2022

Gel Plate Printing Class

 I taught my first in person class at Remarque Print Workshop on Saturday the 15th. All of the 6 students were vaccinated and boostered and masked.  The classroom space there was nice as the people in the class had room to spread out. It was a terrific day and lots of prints were made. So here are some photos from the class.  If you live in the Albuquerque NM area check out Remarque as they have lots of classes.

MaryBeth Shaw owner of StencilGirl gave some stencils for this class- some are shown above.

Here are a few prints the students made. There were literally hundreds of prints made!


  1. What fun! I wish we were closer!You are such a great teacher!

  2. Thanks for helping me discover Remarque Print Workshop!

  3. What a great workshop experience! Terry is the best teacher- sharing and so many ideas and techniques were accomplished in this workshop. Can't wait for the next workshop!

  4. This was a fabulous workshop! Terry is an excellent instructor- very sharing and knowledgeable. So many ideas and techniques were expressed in the work that emerged from this workshop. Can't wait for the next go-around!