Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Story We Tell

This cut and paste collage is titled A Story We Tell.  Sometimes I like to use words or phrases I find in magazines in my collages.  Sometimes they become a starting point.  The background in this one is an altered photograph of a leaf I did.  I really like the bottom sentence:  Some questions can only be asked (and answered) as artworks.  I so agree with this- and I also think that's why visual journaling is so powerful as it often contains both word and image-  I am preparing a workshop I hope to teach early next year.  Introduction to Visual Journaling:  When Words Aren't Enough.  Sometimes it takes images to express a thought, feeling or experience.


  1. I would like to use more words in my journal spreads. I love the bird in this piece.

  2. Your love of nature comes through as a secondary theme here. Perhaps it is subconscious and perhaps deliberate. The naked figures, to me, represent the baring of the soul. We hide behind our clothes and the removal of them is like the taking away our guard and opening ourselves up to the freedon of answers. Oh, that may be way too deep for so early in the morning. I have not even had my cup of tea is 4:18 a.m.

  3. Beautiful. I enjoy the words as guides to the images.

    1. Thanks Shirley- I appreciate your stopping by!