Monday, November 5, 2012


This collage is a cut and paste one.  Flickers of Memory is the title.  I often will spend time cutting out many different collage elements just using my trusty X-acto blade.  That way I have many elements at the ready.  I have learned the hard way that changing the blade often is the key to crisp cuts.  The background for this is an altered photograph of mine taken at the Judy Garland Museum.  This museum is about an hour from us in Grand Rapids Minnesota- Judy spent her very early years there.  And yes the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz were there until they were stolen a few years ago.  I like the dreamy quality this piece has for me.  The lack of detail of the dresser in the background goes with the concept of the flicker of a memory-sometimes the memory is there but not all in focus if you will.


  1. Terry, I really love the vintage feel of this. It feels like looking like a vintage photo album.

  2. The contrast between the pencil drawing and the color collage is fantastic. I love the flicker reflection! Lovely piece!

  3. Thanks guys. I have to say I love the vintage stuff- funny as Ron and I have no antiques in the house! John the drawing look of the dresser is the find edges filter on Photoshop- I printed it on a natural paper from Nepal.

  4. I remember seeing this piece awhile back on Seth's blog, and really liking it! At first glance, I thought that the background dresser, and objects, had been done in pencil. Looking at it a little more closely, I realized that the line elements were in some way photo-related. Nice contrasts between the color and b & w portions of this composition. Reminds me a little of some of Man Ray's solarized photographs.

    1. Thanks Robert! The find edges filter in Photoshop sometimes works out nice- that's what I used for the dresser. I love Man Ray's photography and including his solarized ones. Before this mixed media direction I did Black and White photography and had a darkroom. I did a lot of altering- solarizing, toning, dying and I also hand colored using those special photo oils.