Sunday, November 25, 2012


This cut and paste collage is titled Recovery.  I made this after I ended my teaching career at the university.  As my friends know- I love teaching and loved the whole process- the exchange of ideas with students is something I will never tire of.  I feel great teaching is always an exchange.  I always learned lots from my students not matter if it was first grade or university level.  It was so nice to see the world through the eyes of students besides my own. I have always loved the art of teaching as much as I love making art.  The recovery part comes in because there were some professors in the art department that were down right mean to me and to their students.  As much as I hate to admit it- my confidence as an artist was shaken to the core from that experience.
I am very glad I am over that.   I am also very excited as in 2013 I will begin teaching workshops in my home.   I intend to make art and to teach as long as I am able.


  1. Terry, I love how you are open about the meaning behind your work. To me the lock represents locking up those negatives from your past life and putting them aside to move on with your new life. The best to you with your new workshops. What fun to be inspired to teach and learn from others!

  2. That is a very fine collage and so apropos. I love your work, of course. So exciting that you will be teaching workshops in your new house soon!

  3. Yes, it is sad that there are always these bitter negative folks in our workplace that try to control and bring us down to their level. It's all behind you. Excited for you to teach! Keep teaching and creating!